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Established in 2013, Bits and Blooms Inc. is a Toronto based event planning company, highly skilled in designing, coordinating and executing various special occasions. Whether you are planning a small exclusive party or a large elaborate wedding, B+B is fully committed to accommodate all your specific needs and requests.

B+B also offers a distinctive service of designing personalized, intricate and exquisite Persian ceremonial wedding spreads, known as the Sofreh Aghd.

Co-owned and founded by two sisters, Asal and Nazanin, Bits and Blooms Inc. strives to implement modern ways of decor arrangements, meticulous event design compositions and flawless planning services.

Their unprecedented ideas, impeccable taste and unique approach together with your distinct style, will definitely result in an elegant, personalized and exquisite final outcome!

Below you will find a few examples of our work! For more photos & videos check our IG page @bitsandblooms

Four Seasons Magnifique

Sovereign Beauty

Love in Crystal Ballroom

It's a boy!

It's a girl!

Ballroom Romance


Asal has her Master of Psychology, which is definitely helpful when planning a wedding! She is an amazing mama of 2, a fashionista, and her house is always perfection. You will not find a speck of dust or a thing out of place if you ever get to visit her home! Her passion for design and planning parties led her to becoming an amazing event planner.

Fun fact: Asal designed Nazanin's Sofreh Aghd back in 2012 and that is how their business journey began!

Nazanin has her Master of Architecture from University of Toronto. Her background and design skills are extremely handy when designing any event. After covid hit, she followed her design passion which led her in a different direction into the film industry. Currently she is involved in set designs projects, however her love for planning events will always remain the same!

Fun fact: Nazanin is a part time barre fitness instructor since 2018!

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